2013 Season is Near

2013 has shaped up to be a good year for grapes. Ripening is coming along, right on schedule.

Niagara wine requires grapes to be low in sugar and high in acid. 13 to 14 Brix is what most wine makers look for. They are just coming into 13 Brix now. So the Niagara grapes for wine making are ready now through the next 10 to 14 days or so. It is really too soon to pick them for eating as they are not sweet enough.

Niagara grapes for eating will be at least two more weeks, if not three weeks.

Concord Great for Jelly in three weeks. Great for Juice in four weeks.

Seedless Mars grapes: some can be picked now, but most will not be ready for three
weeks or so. Seedless Mars do not come ripe all at the same time and they stay on the vine for a long time, so the end of September is a good time to pick Mars. Mars makes good pies.

We do not have our signs up yet, since only the Niagara wine are ready. Call before you come to be sure we are here.

Also, feel free to call if you have questions.  440-466-3207

John & Rita Linehan and family

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