The Grape Inspectors

Three generations of grape inspectors

Chief Grape Inspector Makes Selection

2 comments to The Grape Inspectors

  • sterling hamm

    How much are your U-Pick Niagara grapes per pound? Do you have any other grapes to be picked? Where are you located? Thank You…-Sterling and Kathy

    • John

      Hi Sterling and Kathy!
      Thank you for your message. All of our grapes are $.35 per pound. We do have concords, niagaras, and mars that will be available next week for picking. We will also have some catawba available in a few weeks as they are not nearly ripe yet. We are located at 5834 State Route 307 W, Geneva Ohio 44041. Some mapping systems do not recognize rte 307 though. In that case the street name is North River Road. We look forward to your visit! – The Linehans

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