Up-Date Wed. 10/5/11

Dear Friends,

We are now coming into some nice weather.   With all the rain we have had, be sure to bring your boots!  We have experienced many great customers again this year.

The Concord grapes are petty well picked.  However our good neighbors have Concord.

The Catawba grapes are ripe now, along with the Niagara.  The Catawba’s are described by some as “flowery” and by others as “spicy”.  They are excellent for jelly and wine – and of course for just eating.

Our seedless Mars grapes are picked as well.  Next year the Mars vines will be a year older and producing even more grapes.  Also next year, we will have two additional seedless varieties mature enough for picking.

We’ve enjoyed seeing everyone again this fall.  And we’ve met many new, interesting people.  We should be having grapes available for another week or so.  You can call us (440-466-3207) or e-mail (welinehan@yahoo.com) to check about availability.  You can check this web site as well.  Hoping to see those of you who are still coming.  Our hours are 8AM till dark every day except Sunday, when we open at noon.

Housekeeping hint: to see our other pages on this site, click the page and then scroll down.  The vineyard picture on the top is the same on each page.  We need to learn how to improve our web-site.

Happy Harvest!

John and Rita Linehan and Family

5834 State Route 307 West (North River Rd)

Geneva, OH   44041

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