2012 Season Begins Labor Day

We will begin U-Pick Grapes on Labor Day this year.  This is a very early year because of the very warm winter and early spring.  We are 3 to 4 weeks ahead of last year.

There are very few grapes.  This spring the grapes started to grow far too early, again because of the very warm winter and spring.  Since the grapes grew early, they were hit with a frost.  We had about an 80% crop loss.  Since we do not have many grapes, we expect the crop to be picked quickly.  Therefore we are not mailing postcards.

The price is the same as last year:  35 cents per pound for Niagara, Concord, and Catawba.

Our hours are Monday through Saturday: 9am to sundown (earlier if you call)

Sunday: noon to sundown

Niagara:  Niagara is a white grape.  They are ripe now.  The clusters look nice and have good flavor.  Niagara are not recommended for wine making after they are ripe.

Concord:   Our Concord are excellent for jelly now.  Good flavor and high in pectin.

Catawba:  Catawba are a later grape and are not ripe yet.

Our phone number is 440-466-3207


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