Dear Friends,

Our 2014 harvest is approaching. The season is later this year. The cooler weather is causing slower ripening. We think it is going to be another 10 days to two weeks before the Concords and Niagara are ready.

Last winter’s cold weather caused losses to the area wine grapes. We also lost our Catawba vines. One would have expected the Niagara grapes to have suffered, however they have nice crop hanging. As for Concords, many of the primary buds were damaged. When primary buds are damaged, secondary buds grow. Secondary buds produce a smaller crop and ripen later. The secondary buds are another reason for the slower ripening this year.

We will keep you posted as the season progresses.

-The Grape Cluster Family

Grape season nearing the end 2013

Hi all! thank you so much for coming to visit us this year! We have had a very fruitful season thanks to your patronage. We currently have very few Concord grapes left for the year. They are still a little young though and could use a few days of ripening before picking, but we cannot guarantee they will be there still in a week. Our Catawba grapes are slow in ripening this year and will not be ripe for at least two more weeks. We will post again when they are available.

Niagara (white) Grapes Available!

Niagara grapes. We have recently received news from a friend that he has about two ton of Niagara grapes (white grapes) available for U picking. We would love to connect you with him. Please call for appointment 440.969.5374 or 440.466.3207 in order to pick Niagara grapes. Niagara’s are great for wine making, so anyone interested in making wine at home please give us a call!

Week in Review: and Crop Update

As you know we opened for U-Pick on Sunday, September 15th. We were surprised at how many of our customers came out the first week. Even on Sunday, with the rain, many of your came out to enjoy the day or pick your grapes. Thank you for your loyalty.

The season continues to be late this year. The large commercial processors are not picking grapes yet. I understand the processing plant will begin processing Concord grapes around the first of October. We do not machine pick any of our grapes so this does not effect us. However their schedule provides some insight into how the season is progressing across the Concord grape belt in general. Starting the 21 to 28 day harvest of Concord grapes in October is a very late season.

Here is the current status of our grapes:

Concords: We still have many Concords. They still are not fully ripe, but have good flavor and are excellent for Jelly. Many of our customers are picking them for juice as well. I believe they would be better in a week from now for juice and for wine and would be best if picked even later. A problem with waiting too long is that our customers (you 🙂 ) do pick all of our grapes before the Concord season is over.

Niagara: A lot of you have expressed interest in the Niagara grape. Ten days ago we were loaded with these white grapes. Today there are only a few left. Before Saturday they will be totally sold out. If you are coming from some distance for Niagara, you should call before coming.

Mars: Mars is nearly sold out as well. It took a few years before our customers developed an interest in these grapes. This year, there has been a lot of interest. They are now petty well picked over. Mars are netted to keep the birds out. We plan to remove the nets later this week, which will make it easier to find the few grapes that are left.

Catawba: Catawba are very late this year. Many clusters have not even begun to change color yet. Some of our younger vines may be ready by Mid October. I would expect some of these Catawba will not be ripe before early November, if they make it at all.

Red Seedless: There is a heavy crop on vines of low vigor. I am not sure these grapes will ripen. We are watching them with hope.

White Seedless: The stem that holds the grape cluster together is called the bunchstem and the stem of the individual grape berry is the pedicel. The bunchstem has died on most of our white seedless grapes. This means the individual berries will not ripen any more than they are. I would call these grapes in “poor condition”. Some of them taste petty good, others do not. We are offering these grapes at a discount of 20 cents per pound. These grapes are under netting also, because the birds love them.

-John & Rita Linehan


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2013 Season Opening

Our 2013 Upick season will begin on Sunday September 15th @ 12 pm.

Our hours will continue to be 12-dusk on Sundays and 9 am to dusk Monday thru Saturday.

The grapes that will be ripe enough to pick on Sunday will be Concords, Niagara and Mars.

We look forward to your visit!

The Grape Inspectors

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2013 Season is Near

2013 has shaped up to be a good year for grapes. Ripening is coming along, right on schedule.

Niagara wine requires grapes to be low in sugar and high in acid. 13 to 14 Brix is what most wine makers look for. They are just coming into 13 Brix now. So the Niagara grapes for wine making are ready now through the next 10 to 14 days or so. It is really too soon to pick them for eating as they are not sweet enough.

Niagara grapes for eating will be at least two more weeks, if not three weeks.

Concord Great for Jelly in three weeks. Great for Juice in four weeks.

Seedless Mars grapes: some can be picked now, but most will not be ready for three
weeks or so. Seedless Mars do not come ripe all at the same time and they stay on the vine for a long time, so the end of September is a good time to pick Mars. Mars makes good pies.

We do not have our signs up yet, since only the Niagara wine are ready. Call before you come to be sure we are here.

Also, feel free to call if you have questions.  440-466-3207

John & Rita Linehan and family

2012 Early Season End

Dear Friends,

Our 20% crop has been picked clean – even before the Geneva Grape Jamboree.   (Always the last full weekend of September.)

We’ve missed seeing many of you loyal customers.  We appreciate seeing those who ventured to call or just drive out for grapes.  You picked our 20% crop.

Next year we will be sending out post cards (surely we won’t have a killing frost again) and letting you know here, on our web page, how our harvest looks.

In the meantime, thanks for your loyalty, enjoy your year, and see you in 2013!

The Linehan Family