2012 Season Begins Labor Day

We will begin U-Pick Grapes on Labor Day this year.  This is a very early year because of the very warm winter and early spring.  We are 3 to 4 weeks ahead of last year.

There are very few grapes.  This spring the grapes started to grow far too early, again because of the very warm winter and spring.  Since the grapes grew early, they were hit with a frost.  We had about an 80% crop loss.  Since we do not have many grapes, we expect the crop to be picked quickly.  Therefore we are not mailing postcards.

The price is the same as last year:  35 cents per pound for Niagara, Concord, and Catawba.

Our hours are Monday through Saturday: 9am to sundown (earlier if you call)

Sunday: noon to sundown

Niagara:  Niagara is a white grape.  They are ripe now.  The clusters look nice and have good flavor.  Niagara are not recommended for wine making after they are ripe.

Concord:   Our Concord are excellent for jelly now.  Good flavor and high in pectin.

Catawba:  Catawba are a later grape and are not ripe yet.

Our phone number is 440-466-3207


Season’s ending

Dear Friends,

This is a Status-of-the-Grapes report.  The harvest is coming to an end. Thank you for a great year. We’ve enjoyed seeing many of you again – and some of you for a first time.  We have about 400 pounds of Catawba grapes still on the vine. Catawbas make great wine, tasty jelly and have a spicy/flowery flavor for eating.  They have really good color.

There are a few Concord and Niagara grapes available if you would like to glean them.  You’d still get the good grapes and the joy of picking; however, they are hard to find.

We suggest that you call (440-466-3207) before you come to make sure we are home.  Till now, for the past 5 weeks, we have made it a point to have someone here all the time.  That’s not been too difficult since there are many members in the Linehan Clan.  However, to save you the trip, you should make an appointment for the rest of the season.  If you are just driving by, feel free to stop in.  We might be home.

Check back mid-year for a surprising new agricultural vision we are planning: Buy Local, Feed Global.

Till the next status report…

John and Rita and Family

Up-Date Wed. 10/5/11

Dear Friends,

We are now coming into some nice weather.   With all the rain we have had, be sure to bring your boots!  We have experienced many great customers again this year.

The Concord grapes are petty well picked.  However our good neighbors have Concord.

The Catawba grapes are ripe now, along with the Niagara.  The Catawba’s are described by some as “flowery” and by others as “spicy”.  They are excellent for jelly and wine – and of course for just eating.

Our seedless Mars grapes are picked as well.  Next year the Mars vines will be a year older and producing even more grapes.  Also next year, we will have two additional seedless varieties mature enough for picking.

We’ve enjoyed seeing everyone again this fall.  And we’ve met many new, interesting people.  We should be having grapes available for another week or so.  You can call us (440-466-3207) or e-mail (welinehan@yahoo.com) to check about availability.  You can check this web site as well.  Hoping to see those of you who are still coming.  Our hours are 8AM till dark every day except Sunday, when we open at noon.

Housekeeping hint: to see our other pages on this site, click the page and then scroll down.  The vineyard picture on the top is the same on each page.  We need to learn how to improve our web-site.

Happy Harvest!

John and Rita Linehan and Family

5834 State Route 307 West (North River Rd)

Geneva, OH   44041

Our hours

All varieties of U-Pick grapes are 35 cents a pound.

Our hours are Monday through Saturday: 9am to sundown

Sunday: noon to sundown

The season for Concord and Niagara grapes should last a minimum of a month.  Please check this web page later for more detail about availability of grapes.

Our address is

John and Rita Linehan and Family

5834 State Route 307 W.

Geneva, OH   44041.

Some GPS systems, including Mapquest, use “North River Road” instead of

“State Route 307”.

-John & Rita

Dear Grape Lovers,

Today is September 11, 2011. My friend, Kent, is teaching me how to do postings on our web-site.

Yesterday, we had our post cards printed. We will be mailing them this week. This is the text of the postcard:

“Dear Friends,

Our grape crop is great this year! Thank you for your understanding with last year’s frosted crop. Our U-Pick operation begins on the 17th. We have 4 different varieties of grapes for picking. The Concord, Niagara and seedless Mars should be ripe then. The Catawba will be ripe later. Please check our web site: www.UpickGrapes.net for updated information. We have a new family member! Youngest daughter, Christina, married Stephen Moncrief last weekend with the reception in our vineyard. Hoping to see you soon!

The Linehan Family – 440-466-3207″